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Bongmade's Diverse Collection of Bengali Printed T-Shirts

Your t-shirt illustrates key aspects of you who you are, or what you’re into. It is an easy yet effective way to showcase a specific side to you. People have used graphic printed t-shirts to illustrate their mood, interests, and even a part of their personality quite a while. 

Needless to say that the popularity of graphic printed t-shirts have been constantly on the rise. From simple catchphrases to comic illustrations, the world of t-shirts has always been intrinsically linked with pop-culture. 

Extending this trend, we at Bongmade decided to showcase bengali history, culture and heritage with a quirky twist. Some ideas were an instant favourite, others were appreciated by niche audiences, however, in our two years of existence, our diverse range of bengali printed tshirts have been able to capture the essence of what it means to be ‘Bangali’ right now. 

Before diving into our vast collection of bengali printed tshirts, here are few crowd favourites that you might love as well. 


Bangali Bhoot Series

‘Bhooter golpo’(ghost stories) have been in an intricate part of every Bengali's childhood. In fact, bedtime stories always revolved around a plethora of unique ghost stories. 

With so many unique bhoots to choose from, we added our own quirky touch to our favourite bengali ghosts. The bhoot series has been our highest selling and most favourite line of bengali printed tshirts. 

Here is what the collection has to offer:

  • Nishi
  • Mamdo 
  • Mecho Petni 
  • Brahmadoittya 
  • Shaakchunni 


All of these designs are available for men and women and kids.  

The Bhoot series also features a depiction of the iconic ‘bhooter naach t-shirt’ from Satyajit Ray’s Goopi Gayen, Bagha Bayen. Our love for cinematic marvel compelled us to pay tribute to this very special scene from the film, which has been an intricate part of every bangali’s childhood. 

The Ray Series 

The films of Satyajit Ray define a part of every bengali’s childhood. His characters and scenes live as vivid memories in all of us. It is but obvious that Bongmade had to pay a special tribute to maestro himself. 
Our Ray series features a variety of his most loved characters and their iconic dialogues. 

Here are a few examples, 

  • Tang Mat Karo 
  • Highly Suspicious 
  • Shonku 
  • Satyajug 
  • Feluda 
An extension of the Ray series feature his most celebrated villains. These antagonists driven t-shirts include, 

  • Dr. Hazra 
  • Braziler Bicchu 
  • Hirak Raja 
  • Maganlal Meghraaj 
  • Barfi 


The Bong Series

The Bong series offers the essence of bangaliyana in a quirky way. From simple wordplays, popular idioms to iconic representations of historical figures, this collection offers a mixed bag of emotion that all age groups can associate with. 

This series is special because it offers a personal connection. These t-shirts transcend clothes and become intricate associated with one’s personality. Some of the t-shirts of this collection have been our top sellers. When it comes to bengali printed t-shirts, this series closely associates Bongmade with bangaliyana and inane sarcasm and wit that exists so seamlessly in the bangla language itself. Here are some of our highest selling t-shirts of the bong series

  • Ghuma
  • Ja Bolbi Samne Bol
  • Janish ami ke
  • Subhash Eseche
  • Dusshtu 
  • Lyad Inside 
All of these unique designs are available for both men and women in a variety of standard sizes. 


How to Buy Bongmade Bengali Graphic Printed Tshirts?

Our entire collection of Bengali printed tshirts is available at Bongmade. Browse through our wide variety of t-shirts and other unique items. Bongmade represents the very emotion of being Bangali and our products stand as a testament to that feeling. Represent your cultural and historical heritage in a remarkable and quirky way with Bongmade's bengali graphic printed t-shirt collection for both men and women. 
Visit our website today and check out our wide range of bengali printed tshirts. 
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